This package allows customers to import W2, 1099 and last year tax return. H&R Block import abilities allow you to import tax documents from various platforms instead of having to manually enter that information in.


Homeowners or investors will receive everything that comes in the basic package as well as guidance on home mortgage interest, help with investments and dividends, a valuation of your charitable donation, and state information.


This software is designed for self-employed and rental property owners. It comes with everything in the Deluxe and Basic packages but also includes the ability to maximize business deductions and guidance for rental property income.

H&R Block Tax 2020


The 2020 version of H&R Block Tax allows users to choose between downloading software to their computers or directly accessing online software databases (online editions). It really depends on your specific needs in choosing the online vs. software version, and we’ll try to spell those out for you below. One notable difference across the board: all of the downloadable software versions charge and additional $19.95 fee to electronically file your state return. And that can get expensive, depending on the edition you’re using.

All online and software filing editions of H&R Block offer:

  • Eligibility for Refund Bonus offer
  • Affordable Care Act related tax forms
  • Automatic import of your W-2 form
  • Free in-person audit support
  • 100% accuracy guarantee
  • Maximum refund guarantee



This plan is very similar to the Free plan, with the major differences being better importing capabilities and access to prior-year returns. It costs $39.99 to file a federal return and $39.99 for each state return.

Basic comes with all the features of the Free plan, plus the following:

  • Access to Past Tax Returns for Six Years. The Basic plan offers free access to returns prepared and filed with H&R Block for six years.

  • Past-Year Return Importing. You can import all the information on previous years H&R Block returns, as well as prior-year returns from TurboTax and TaxACT.

  • 1099 Importing. You can automatically import 1099s from a range of financial institutions, including Fidelity, Vanguard, and Charles Schwab.

  • Support for Earned Income Tax Credit Filers.If youe eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, you need to file Schedule EIC. This version supports everything you need to do so.

  • Free Live Technical Support.The Basic plan comes with free, live (phone and live chat) technical support for filers who have issues with the H&R Block at Home software itself. This is separate from H&R Block free, unlimited tax professional access, which is available live to all filers (including those using the Free plan)


The Deluxe plan, which costs $54.99 for your federal return and $39.99 for each state return, is ideal for filers with capital gains or losses from investments, retirement income, and those who made charitable donations (cash and non-cash) with a total value in excess of $500 during the tax year. It also offers a juicier refund bonus.

It comes with all the features and functions of the Basic plan, plus:

  • Support for Filers With Charitable Donations. This version offers detailed guidance and support for those who made cash and non-cash charitable contributions in excess of $500 during the tax year (IRS Form 8283).

  • Support for Schedule D. If you incurred capital gains or losses from the sale of securities, real property, and other assets, you likely need to file Schedule D. H&R Block Deluxe offers support and guidance for Schedule D filers.

  • 10% Refund Bonus. The gift card refund bonus increases to 10% with the Deluxe plan. All other conditions of the program remain the same.


The Premium plan is ideal for business owners, landlords, the self-employed, and others with complex tax situations. It costs $74.99 for your federal return and $39.99 for each state.

The Premium plan comes with all the features and functions of the Deluxe plan, plus:

  • Support for Schedule C.If you'e liable for self-employment tax ?as most independent contractors, consultants, and sole proprietors are?you'e required to file Schedule Cor Schedule C-EZ. The Premium plan provides all the support necessary to do so,including double-checks for all relevant credits and deductions.If you'e not sure whether you qualify as self-employed, check theIRS website.

  • Support for Schedule E.If you own and earn income from rental real estate or pass-through entities (such as S-corporations, trusts, estates, and certain types of partnerships), you'e likely required to file Schedule E. Premium offers full support for Schedule E filers, including all supplementary forms, and double-checks for credits and deductions.


With H&R Block, my business never has to shut down. I can take care of my clients any time, any place and that means that they are happier, and more loyal to me and my company.
Mark Johnson Chino Hills, CA
H&R Block is easy to setup and use. I was able to sign up and start sending and receiving faxes within afew minutes! Plus, it costs less than half of my previous fax number through the local phone company.
Jayden Willis Randolph, WI